Patreon for the State of the Hobby

During the course of this survey and it's development, some people have mentioned launching a Patreon page as a way to support the initiative. While I administer the survey out of interest and as a service to those who read the results, I've decided to do just that. The survey is currently financially sustainable out of my pocket, however I'd like to grow this each year and with that comes some opportunity to invest in new platforms.

To that end, while Google Survey is the right price (free), it's not without it's limitations. I've received feedback that some of the questions lack clear or functional responses, something due in part to the Google platform. Others have also shown concern over the hosting of this survey on Google itself, and while I don't share in those concerns, it doesn't make them any less valid.

I'm going start a Patreon as an option for those who would like to financially support this initiative. This survey will always remain non-commercial and I will not accept financial backing from private corporations, advocacy organizations or governmental agencies. The voice and option to support the State of the Hobby remains squarely in the hands of us - the operators and hobbyists who enjoy amateur radio.

If you find the survey results interesting, useful or otherwise important, please considering subscribing to my Patreon campaign. While I don't have any reward tiers or gifts, I may consider having a special thank you section for my patrons in future years.

Graciously Yours,
Dustin N8RMA


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