[YouTuber's Hamfest 2020] State of the Hobby Survey with Dustin N8RMA


  1. It's hard do to current restrictions but we need to be more in the public eye. I am really new to the hobby / service and still amazed how many people have no idea it exists.
    I've also had the unfortunate experience of having a neighbor that hates anything to do with radio. Even so much as to climb up at least 7' in the air reach over the fence into my backyard and cut my wire antenna in 2 places. I'm moving now.
    On the first note a more positive public perception show that all ages can participate and that it's not a "secret society".
    I love the structure of the hobby and am proud to be a part of it. I dont understand why I waited so long to write the test.

    1. This shows as unknown and I cant seem to change that I am Greg Haskey


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